Supernovae Interactive Fitter (SNIF)

An interactive model by Sophia Green and Leilani Baker

Tutorial: How to use the supernova module

Welcome to our supernova plotting website! Thanks for using our module. If you've never plotted a supernova light curve before, then you're in the right place.

1. To start, in the box under "Insert the name of the supernova here:" type in the name of your desired supernova and press enter. This will load all of the data from the supernova database into our model. Quick note: our module only works for supernovas whose names and data are in the supernova database.

2. Next, once the module has plotted the data from your supernova, you can select which model type you would like to use from the options on the right side of the page. You can choose between a Magentar, Nickel, or CSM model.

3. Finally, you can use the sliders located to the right of the graph to adjust the model to best fit the data from your supernova.