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SuperRAENN: A new SN classifier

After a year of work, I am so happy to announce my new paper titled, SuperRAENN: A Semi-supervised Supernova Photometric Classification Pipeline Trained on Pan-STARRS1 Medium Deep Survey Supernovae. This paper appears with a companion paper led by Griffin Hosseinzadeh titled, Photometric Classfication of 2315 Pan-STARRS1 Supernovae with Superpho... Read more

SNIF out supernova fits!

Hi all! I am writing up a short description of a new web application which was created by two wonderful high school students, Leilani and Sophie, who I’ve been working with for the past year! The SuperNova Interactive Fitter (SNIF) is an application built on Python (bokeh) and Javascript to allow users to interactively fit supernovae from the O... Read more

PS1-MDS SNe Classification

Today I’m going to write about a new paper we recently submitted to the Astrophysical Journal. We present a machine learning pipeline trained using a set of spectroscopically identified supernovae found within Pan-STARRS Medium Deep Survey. We currently discover around 10,000 supernovae per year. I illustrate this in the plot above, which use... Read more


We recently submitted a new paper to the Astrophysical Journal which presents detailed simualtions of Type I superluminous supernovae obseved with the upcoming Large Synoptic Survey Telescope. We fit the light curves of 58 known SLSNe at z~0.1-1.6, using an analytical magnetar spin-down model implemented in MOSFiT. We then use the posterior di... Read more


NSF season is upon us! The National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship (NSF GRFP) was the only fellowship I applied to in '13 (although there are many great ones!), so I'll try to give some insight into the application process. One of the most useful webpages I used while applying was a blog post by Alex Lang. He outlines the proce... Read more